Powerful Solutions to Automate your IT & Security Management

Central to our approach is our four step process - Aggregate & Correlate, Assess, Manage Risk and Remediate that unifies key IT and Security functions to gain efficiency and provide a seamless experience

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Digital Integration to Modernize Your IT & Security Program

Aggregation & Correlation

Aggregation & Correlation

SmarterD will become your 360 degree glass pane view, integrating your siloed IT, Security, PMO and Financial Systems and building the foundation for automation and improved efficiency.

  • AI/ML enabled
  • Data Hygiene
  • Integrated Data Ingestion
  • Collaborative
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Assessment & Compliance

Assessment & Compliance

Dynamically link assets to your infrastructure compliance to quickly identify and assess risk, optimize compliance and digitally transform your business capabilities.

  • Security Control & Risk Assessment
  • Business Transformation
  • Asset Impact
  • Industry Standard Support
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Risk Management

Risk Management

Correlate and Analysis Asset, Incident and Business Information to proactively identify, manage and remediate risks

  • Risk Registry
  • Automated Alerts
  • Prioritization
  • Collaborative Top Indicators
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Launch Programs, manage timelines and track remediation efforts post analysis without having to leave the platform

  • Proactive Response
  • Integrated Program Management
  • Resource Management
  • Decreased MTTR
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Integrated Solutions

SmarterD is a digital platform that integrates IT, Security, PMO, and Financial Systems to streamline processes and improve efficiencies through AI and ML technologies.


Integration Support

SmarterD supports out of the box integration to a number of enterprise systems. We are constantly working to keep this list growing.

Use Cases

In Next Gen IT Management, there is a shift from traditional, siloed IT management practices towards a more agile, flexible, and business-focused approach. It embraces automation, cloud computing, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and other emerging technologies to optimize IT operations, improve efficiency, and drive digital transformation.

  1. Integrated IT Security Management - End to End Solution
    • Out of the box connectors and data integration
    • AL/ML driven analysis to continuously monitor, analyze and automated alerts for proactive response
    • Six powerful solutions to move customers from Excel to Managed environment
  2. Delivery Management - Managed Services
    • Unified Platform that integrates AMS delivery process and your existing technology investments covering Service Desk, Application Management & Support, Security, Program Management and Business & IT Management to provide a seamless experience and efficiency across the entire delivery
    • Eliminates onboarding challenges, on-going inconsistencies in process & communication and lack of repeatability in traditional delivery approach.
    • Operational and Management Dashboard and Reporting for Operational Metrics, Program, IT and Security status
  3. Business Strategy - Digital Transformation
    • Unified Platform to manage and align all your Business, Governance, Data and Delivery throughout the entire digital journey and maturity
    • Aligning all stakeholders, goals and expectations early and implementing cross-functional program communication strategies creates the environment for a successful outcome
    • 360-degree program transparency and open communication
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