Marketplace for Enterprise IT Knowledge

Our Vision

Democratizing Access to IT Knowledge


IT Knowledge Marketplace for enterprise IT planning


Our Knowledge Package Protocol, blockchain-based marketplace and crypto token incentives to align and motivate market participants


Community built & managed
Seeded & initially governed by SmarterD
The Problem Today

IT Planning

There are a multitude of sources of information to guide enterprise IT planning. To sort through all this, IT execs typically rely on outside consultants. This process is expensive, time consuming, and yields low decision confidence

Our Solution

Knowledge Package


Marketplace for Knowledge Exchange


Lower Cost/Higher Confidence IT Decisions

Our Solution Part I: Knowledge Package Protocol

The first component of our approach allows IT knowledge and best practices to be "packaged" and shared.
Our Knowledge Package Protocol is a structured framework to capture and convey best practices and translate into action plans leveraging AI, machine learning, and operations research.

Our Solution Part II: The LiquidIT Marketplace for Knowledge Transfer

IT Knowledge, packaged within our Knowledge Package, can now be traded within our LiquidIT Knowledge Marketplace


Time Savings

Less Expensive (opportunity and direct costs)

Decisions Based on Data & Best Practices

Enterprise Knowledge Shared Internally and Monetized Externally

LiquidIT Marketplace Participants

Participants Can Be Both Producers & Consumers

Why Now?

Three Developments Make this Marketplace Possible Today

Inefficiency of Market for IT Knowledge

Business depends more than ever on IT, but IT departments have to hire consultants to sort through the masses of available knowledge to propose the right action plans for a given company in a given industry.

Emergence of Distributed, Public Blockchain

Neutral, community-owned platforms allow secure, no-trust-required marketplaces and large pools of secure, anonymized data.

Advancement of AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are becoming increasingly powerful in identifying the most appropiate resources and action plans.
Our Anticipated Evolution

SmarterD is already providing knowledge packages for clients and will incubate the LiquidIT marketplace with other participants until LiquidIT becomes fully independent and decentralized.

Enterprise IT Knowledge Package Deployment

Create and utilize IT knowledge modules for our clients

SmarterD-Nurtured IT Knowledge Marketplace

SmarterD clients and partners incubate the early lifecycle of the marketplace

Fully Decentralized Marketplace

Community-run and governed with SmarterD as a participant, but no longer the driver
LiquidIT Knowledge Marketplace Architecture

The Knowledge Package DApp manages production and consumption of Knowledge Packages to guide IT planning. LiquidIT runs on a blockchain, with tokens to incent contributions to the marketplace and to pay for network operations.

We've Already Started
Management Team

Vijay Sundhar

CEO & Chief Architect

Reed Augliere


Ram Nagarajan

COO & Partnerships

Bharat Desai

SmarterD KPs & Infrastructure


Fred Argir

Chief Digital officer
Barnes & Noble

S. Durgaprasad

Co-Founder, CEO
Bahwan CyberTek

Anne Jackson

Director, Data Science & Machine Learning

Ken LeBlanc

Chief Information Officer
Iron Mountain

Marc Linster

SVP, Product Development

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