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Digital Integration to Modernize IT & Security Management

Create a step change in the level of knowledge and insight you deliver by leveraging data, artificial Intelligence and collaboration tools

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Execute Smarter

SmarterD combines technology, processes and data to enable the simplification and automation of operational goals and strategic risk management across the Enterprise. Our team has built SmarterD with a focus on ease of use and data quality to alleviate the challenges of the day-to-day IT/Security programs.

Maintain your asset repository with us to eliminate the need for organizing multiple irrelevant and outdated spreadsheets. Automate by integrating with rest of the IT & Security Strategies and Collaborate with your team and across multiple departments to save time tracking down analysts to find relevant information. Plan for success using our program and budgeting tools to ensure that your target dates are met efficiently and effectively.

SmarterD elevates your IT and Security functions by creating an integrated “living, breathing” digital model.

IT & Security Function is Neither Strategic Nor Intelligent

Siloed IT & Security Tools and Strategies
Fragmented Technology Landscape and increasing TCO

SmarterD will become your 360 degree glass pane view, integrating your siloed IT, Security, PMO and Financial Systems and building the foundation for automation and improved efficiency.

Manual and Excel Driven
Manual and Excel Driven

Maintaing, validating, and analyzing data in spreadsheets is time consuming and error prone. SmarterD eliminates your reliance on spreadsheets and continuously analyzes your data to provide insights for decision support.

High Mean Time to Response and Remediate
High Mean Time to Response and Remediate

Poor data hygiene will reduce your ability to quickly assess and respond. Our model provides the asset intelligence needed to elevate your decisions and have access to the data you need when you need it.

Our Approach

Digital Integration

SmarterD is a digital backbone to unify and manage information

Manual and Excel Driven
Smart Collaboration
Manual and Excel Driven
Data Visualization
Manual and Excel Driven
Data Aggregation
Manual and Excel Driven
Continuous Analysis
Manual and Excel Driven
Process Automation
Manual and Excel Driven
Let SmarterD Leverage your Data into an Automated, Digitally Integrated Platform

You have questions? We have answers.

SmarterD is a digital integration platform that unlocks the next level of IT and Security Management.

SmarterD is solving the challenge of leveraging disparate siloed enterprise systems to manage IT and Security Program. The process is manual, labor intensive and excel driven which lacks integration. SmarterD bridges this gap and enables an integrated platform to manage IT & Security Program, accelerating the speed at which you can make data driven decision.

Integrated IT, Security and Financial model is key to improving efficiency and agility in managing IT and Security Program. IT and Security is converging. Automation leveraging AI/ML to drive efficiency and agility is where the market is moving towards. All this will force change and will require a new way of thinking and working. Change is hard but, Enterprises that see this and slowly make this part of their strategy will do better in terms of managing their business, operations, and people. SmarterD brings this thinking and technology foundation to enable that change inch by inch.

SmarterD's approach is a 5 step process: Data Aggregation, Continuous Analysis, Process Automation, Smart Collaboration and Data Visualization.

SmarterD brings three core values.

Digital Integration : IT , Security and Financial Systems are siloed. SmarterD enables a digital model that everyone can View, Share and Collaborate. Foundation that is a must to leverage AI/ML to drive automation and gain Process and Team efficiencies.

Automation : Integrating data from different sources that is constantly growing and changing, validating and analyzing is complex, time consuming and error prone. SmarterD continuously analyzes your data to provide insights for decision support, key alerts and constant reminders on critical tasks and automatically scales as your business scales.

Process Improvement : IT, Security and Finance processes are siloed and many of them are excel driven. SmarterD provides out-of-box IT and Security functions that is fully integrated and managed.
  • Asset Governance
  • Security Compliance
  • Ingrated Risk Management
  • Service Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • IT Finance (Vendor, Contract & Budget Management)

SmarterD has a clear understanding of the current landscape in this space and can integrate with all the tools you are familiar with to enhance the value of your exisiting investment.

SmarterD is an integrated platform to consolidate all your siloed systems to improve your Asset Governance & Risk Management by providing Actionable Insights through:
  • Continuous Monitoring/Analysis
  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Knowledge Management
  • Smart Collaboration
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